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NTF Meetings

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom will sponsor, and several other groups will co-sponsor, a Tea Party on Sunday, July 3, from 1 PM to 5 PM at Walnut Grove Park, 150th & Q Streets, Omaha.  The theme of the event is "Rally to Restore the Republic."  The purpose of this tea party is to mobilize citizens to become fiscally conservative activists in national issues.  Speakers: Sen. Mike Johanns, Cong. Lee Terry (2nd District), Att.-Gen. Jon Bruning, State Treasurer Don Stenberg, Senate candidate Pat Flynn, John Sieler from the State Board of Education, and Susan Tully, field director for Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Also, patriotic music, games, and a Flag ceremony.  Prizes for best signs and best costumes.  Portapotties and ice water will be available.   Please come and bring friends.  Meet and socialize with your fellow conservatives!  Don’t just get angry.  Get active!  
See how Illegal Aliens cost Nebraska families an average of $501 per year.  See how illegal aliens soak Nebraska taxpayers for millions annually!  Click here.

NTF will have a meeting on Wed. May 18, 6:30 PM at Millard Library, 132nd & Westwood Lane, Omaha.  Please bring friends & neighbors! 

See how Illegal Aliens cost Nebraska families an average of $501 per year.  See how illegal aliens soak Nebraska taxpayers for millions annually!  Click here.
The NTF 2010 Senate voting record is available!  NTF awarded Sen. Mike Johanns a 95% "A" score.  Sen. Ben Nelson received a 51% "F" score.  See the news release below.  Get a copy at our meetings.
Public sector union employment contracts plunder taxpayers all over the State of Nebraska.  If the unions do not get what they want from state and local governments, they run to the NE Commission of Industrial Relations, which usually and frequently gives the unions everything they want and sometimes more!  Read our NTF issue paper on reforming the NE Commission of Industrial Relations here.


If you live within the boundaries of the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District, your property taxes will rise by hundreds of dollars to fund unneeded large dams for lakes that will fill with silt and become contaminated.  The EPA notes that the lakes already built by this NRD are contaminated with E Coli, mercury, etc.  Who wants to eat Frankenfish??  Please bring friends and attend our Wed. Sept. 15 meeting at 6:30 PM at Millard Library in Omaha to see a Power Point presentation and hear speakers.  Help fight this property tax grab!!

OMAHA TAXPAYER TEA PARTY TO OPPOSE MAYOR SUTTLE'S BUDGET.   Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom hosted a Taxpayer Tea Party meeting on Wed. Aug. 18, 6:30 PM at Millard Library, 132nd & Westwood Lane, Omaha.  We showed a Power Point presentation on fighting Mayor Suttle's liberal budget and distributed activity packets to use to lobby your city council member.  We distributed tea bags with "Taxed Enough Already" stickers, circulated our petitions opposing tax hikes, and distributed our issue paper offering fiscally conservative alternatives to Mayor Suttle’s FY 2011 budget.  Please bring friends and neighbors.  See our issue paper here.
The newest member of the Omaha City Council, Tom Mulligan, has shown himself as a RINO (Republican in Name Only).  His votes on the FY 2011 budget, union contracts, etc., will hurt Omaha taxpayers financially. See his liberal voting record here.

Congressman Lee Terry (2nd Dist. NE) awarded an "A" Grade!!
Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom once again has awarded Cong. Lee Terry an "A" Grade, 90%, for his many votes during the 2009 session of Congress on taxes, spending, government regulation, immigration, foreign affairs, etc. NTF presented Cong. Terry with a high achievement plaque at our February meeting. 
Lobby your Omaha City Council member now to press the Mayor and fellow council members to represent taxpayer interests by playing hardball with the city fire union in contract negotiations.  Urge council members to insist on a contract that squeezes out excess benefits, fat, and waste.
  Click here to see our NTF worksheet.

Lobby your Omaha City Council member now to vote NO on the inflationary police union contract pushed by Mayor Suttle.  This contract will cost Omaha taxpayers millions more and not end pension spiking.
  Click here to view our issue paper that you can use for talking points to lobby.

PAPIO-MISSOURI NATURAL RESOURCES BOARD STICKS IT TO TAXPAYERS.  9 members of the Papio NRD board voted to float a multi-million dollar bond issue that will cost residents within the district a hefty property tax hike in future years.  2 fiscal conservative board members voted NO on this travesty.  Find out who stuck it to taxpayers and who supported taxpayers.
  Click here. 


Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has begun a Ban Ben "Petition to Ostracize Senator Ben-occhio Nelson Campaign," a senator who consistently has talked like a fiscal conservative to his constituents in Nebraska but votes the Socialist Democrat Party Line in D.C.  NTF awarded Nelson a 38% conservative voting score in 2008.  His vote passed ObamaCare in the U.S. Senate.  Our petition urges the Senator to NOT visit communities in which petition signers reside and requests that the Senator NOT request the support of citizens in these communities to advance his legislation in the Senate or any other agenda to promote or secure his political career.  Email NE Taxpayers for a petition and related materials.  Click here.
The Nebraska media seems to have "spiked" our NTF 2009 voting record on NE senators.  Sen. Mike Johanns received an "A" score of 90%.  Sen. Ben Nelson received an "F" score of 51%Read more here.
Metropolitan Utilities District and the Omaha Public Power District both have raised our utility rates, again.  NE Taxpayers for Freedom fought against both rate hikes, and we could use your help in fighting future rate hikes. 
Read our MUD issue paper and OPPD issue paper.
University of Nebraska employees are playing fast and loose with university debit cards.  No official authority appears interested in prosecuting this outrageous misconduct.  The university system constantly whines for more taxpayer dollars but apparently cannot control debit card use that violates both state and university regulations.  Take action!  Contact your regent on the Board of Regents.  Click here to view our issue paper.  =====================================================
See our NTF issue paper and use it to lobby your 2 senators to vote NO on the Cap & Tax Energy  Bill.  Click here.
Most of the Obama Porkulus bill $$ supposedly went to localities to create new jobs and build or rebuild infrastructure.  See where your porkulus tax dollars went in Douglas County, NE.  Click here.

  See our issue paper on Health Care Reform.  Click here
 We need folks in outstate NE to help us organize Property Valuation town hall meetings in their communities.  Please volunteer to help by emailing us.
Request for assistance: NTF taxpayer watchdogs in Douglas and Sarpy Counties need the assistance of CPAs or other professionals who can help us analyze local taxing authority budgets and compile a list of suggestions for budget cuts for each that will eliminate waste, inefficiency, and duplication.  Click on contact tab in row above and volunteer to help us control local property taxes.  Budget hearings begin soon.


Speaker Available

NTF can provide a speaker on taxes for your civic or community group.  Email your request .


Voting Records

NTF produces voting records for several local taxing authorities and the Legislature on taxes, spending, and government regulation.


Take A Stand

Learn how to speak comfortably and easily at a public hearing on issues important to you.  Click here.


 Hot Issues

 Sen.Ben Nelson speaks often about wasteful spending, but he voted FOR the Porkulus Bill!
Stop Obama-Waxman-Markey Energy Taxes!
click here.
Stop ObamaCare, the socialist health care plan promoted by the President and Socialist Democrats in Congress.  The life you save may be your own!  Click here.

 click here

Hot Issues

 A government bailout for the liberal news media
Durbin Amendment Would Stifle Conservative Talk Radio

 click here
click here


Nebraska's state right to work law is in serious danger!  Help now!

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is the Nebraska affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), the largest taxpayer advocacy organization in the U.S.  Go to NTU  to see how NTU fights for taxpayers!  Sign Up  with NTUs Taxpayer Action Center.

Contract with the Taxpayers of Nebraska


Omaha Metro Learning Community Will Plunder Local Taxpayers     

Local Governments Use Our Property Tax $$ to Lobby Against Taxpayers !      

Papio NRD board wants to ravage local taxpayers to enrich developers.    

Nebraskans are Fighting For the Fair Tax  

Tired of Taking Lumps at the Gas Pumps? 


”Prime Cuts” Tax-Cutting Effort


Property Valuation and Tax Relief

Our Prime Cuts Project helps our elected officials find ways to cut taxes and fees and reduce spending.  Got a tax cut or budget cut idea?  Email NTF.

Squeal on misconduct and waste in taxation and spending.  We will keep your name secret.  Email us anonymously.  Forward documentation if necessary. 

High, confiscatory property taxes are taxing not only elderly people and those on fixed incomes out of their homes but also driving out working people.  The root of the problem is our runaway property valuation law revised in 1995 by then-Gov. Ben Nelson and the Legislature.  We must change this law!

To view and help, click here.

The Global Warming Hoax       

”Petition Nebraska” is an ongoing NTF Project that lobbies state senators to restore our petition rights.  See the historic background of this project.  Click here.

Chicken Littles of the radical environmental movement want us to believe that a rapid rise in temperature will bring us a Waterworld!  What we will have, if eco-radicals pass the Kyoto Treaty in the Senate, are much higher fuel and other energy costs and much leaner family budgets. 


Help fight this threat to both our economy and standard of living by looking at this and this.

State Senators continually erode our petition rights, so that taxpayers cannot use our status as the virtual 2nd House of the Legislature to petition for redress of taxpayer and other grievances.  Click here   to help.


President Obama Watch. Be alert to counter the steady stream of socialist legislative initiatives proposed by this President.   Be ready to lobby against these Obaminations! 

Congress Watch. See which Nebraska congressmen and senators  vote and work diligently for taxpayers.

Pres. Obama wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts and stop future tax cuts.  He wants to raise taxes on “the rich” (anyone earning over $42,000 per year).  Obama wants to start massive government public works programs, the kind implemented by FDR, that never cured the Great Depression.  Join Obama Watch!

Our Capitol Hill representatives will face arduous work in foiling the legislative agenda of our socialist President.  They must counter this drift to socialism by proposing and championing fiscally conservative alternatives.  Access a list of our Capitol Hill delegation here.

Join our NTF Legislative Watch Project and learn how to lobby your state senator on important fiscal issues and monitor their votes!  Learn how to ask them tough and embarrassing questions! 

City County Watch.  Omaha taxpayers will suffer hard when delayed spending sets off a fiscal time bomb.  Meanwhile, the Douglas County Board is not cutting spending nearly enough to prevent higher property tax levies on all taxpayers.

Who’s cool and who’s cruel to Nebraska taxpayers?  Legislative pigs are gorging at the taxpayer trough, hungrier than ever.  Yet they demand pay raises! To see the worst porkers, click here.   See  their abysmal voting records in the 2008 Legislature.

City of Omaha officials want to raise our sewer fees 500%  to meet an EPA mandate, too cowardly to lobby our congressional delegation to overturn this mandate.  Overly generous city employee pension costs and huge debt yoking us from the convention center/arena will burden taxpayers.   Now, the Mayor wants a “Streetcar Not Desired” trolley folly to eat more tax $$s!



Unofficial Home Page of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.  Click here.


Education Monitor I scrutinizes Nebraska public schools.  Help end the reign of public school board taxaholics.  Find fiscal  conservatives to run for school board positions.  Email for more information.  Attn: school district staff and teachers.  Mail your public school tax $$ waste horror stories to NTF, P.O. Box 6452, Omaha, NE. 68106.

Education Monitor II monitors the University of Nebraska system.  The university budget is dripping with fat and waste.  Click here.  

See OP$ (Omaha Public Schools).  See OP$ spend taxpayers’ money.  See OP$ spend too much taxpayers’ money.  OP$ needs our help.  It needs help to cut its bloated budget.  Will you help OP$?  Please help OP$.  Suggest a budget cut for OP$ here.   OP$ spending is way up, but test scores   are in the dumpster!  OP$-Many Children Left Behind .  See  OP$ school board report card. 

The football team is not the only university entity that is colored red…the whole budget is hemorrhaging red.  University administrators and faculty whine and holler about budget cuts.  Yet, regents found $3 million in the pot to pay for a new library repository for books that hardly anyone checks out.  See our suggestions for university budget cuts!

Telecommunications Watchdog is an NTF project that fights for our right to access telecommunications services without strangling government regulations and taxes. 

Our Illegal Immigration Project  means to stop the incoming illegal alien tide into Nebraska.  Illegal aliens are stealing our jobs, draining our welfare system, victimizing our citizens with crime, and flooding our schools.

Check out how Telecommunications Watchdog fights the effort by government officials who want to raise our telecommunications taxes by charging access fees each time we log onto the Internet, tax purchases we make over the Internet, and charge other telecom taxes to pay for pet spending projects.  Fight back!

See which state senators voted to give resident college tuition rates to illegal aliens but not to out of state military veterans.


Help Sen. John McCain pick lettuce.  Click here .

Heating bills sending you through the roof??  Our issue paper   explains why natural gas prices are spiking.  State gas taxes at the                                                       pump giving you that bloated feeling?  Sound off loud after reading  our issue paper. 





For immediate release                                                                          For more information contact:

December 1, 2008                                                                               Doug Kagan

                                                                                                            Phone: (402) 551-0921



                                                “TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE”


            In the state treasury, there exists a projected cash reserve of $474 million for FY 2008-09 and $469 million for FY 2009-10.  Therefore, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is asking newly-elected state senators to sign pledges to not raise state taxes.  Taxpaying citizens beleaguered by our economic recession deserve consideration from this surplus over special interests who undoubtedly will pressure senators to raise taxes and fees or expand the tax base for additional spending. 

Many politicians during election campaigns promise to not raise taxes but quickly change their minds as they begin their tenure.  Thus, we are requesting freshmen state senators to pledge in writing not to increase our state tax load.  The following pledge we call the “Contract With the Taxpayers of Nebraska:”

“I, Senator  ____________, pledge to the taxpayers of  District ______ and to  the citizens of the State of Nebraska, that as a senator in the Nebraska Unicameral legislature, I will oppose and vote against any and all tax increases in the 2009 and future legislative sessions, excepting a declared statewide emergency caused by a natural disaster(s) or other declared calamitous state or national emergency.

This pledge is binding while a person holds the office for which an individual signed the pledge. We want high taxers and big spenders in the Legislature to contend with as many new pledge signers as possible.


* not one state senator signed this pledge during the 2009 Legislative session.

For immediate release                                                                                      For more information contact:

July 19, 2009                                                                                                           Doug Kagan

                                                                                                                        Phone: (402) 551-0921


                                    NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM TEA PARTY


            Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom will hold a Taxpayers Tea Party on Tue. Aug. 11 at the City-County Bldg. in Omaha, at 1819 Farnam Street.  At 6:30 PM, we will hold a short demonstration against proposed city tax hikes.  At 7 PM, at the public budget hearing, we will present our petitions to the city council, signed by thousands of Omaha area residents who oppose an increase in our property or sales tax or a new garbage fee, occupation tax, or entertainment tax.  We encourage taxpayers to testify or just sit and listen while wearing a taxpayer watchdog tea bag sticker.







Nebraska Taxpayers in the News
Nebraska Taxpayers in the News
Lobbyists Lobby Against Us
Our petition rights eroded
Our July 4th Tea Party.
Sen. Johanns scores 95%, an "A"
Read about our gettin' people active!
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Term Limits Must Stay
Deport Illegal Aliens.
Stop City of Omaha Tax Hikes!
Read about our support for term limits!
Read all about our opinions on this topic!
Read all about our tea party & testimony!


Our deficit spirals, 
As revenues fall.
Senators in session
Raise taxes for all!

Stealing our savings,
They cut us no slack.
I'm leaving Nebraska
And I'm not coming back!


People often contact me with complaints about their taxes, government spending, and burdensome bureaucratic rules. Unfortunately, most of these complainers only want to complain. They seem to think that NTF can wave a magic wand and almost immediately ameliorate our tax-and-spend climate in Nebraska. They themselves do not want to help fight the Tax-and-Spend Monsters. Taxpayers must understand that tax-, spending-, and regulation-reform and relief requires a mass movement of committed people. It takes little time, effort, and expense to become a taxpayer watchdog. Please come to our meetings at Millard Library in Omaha and join our grass-roots taxpayers organization. Please feel free to email me for further information.

Doug Kagan

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