Our History
Dedicated conservatives founded Nebraska Conservatives for Freedom in 1982 to educate and inform Nebraskans and our elected officials that conservative free enterprise solutions exist to remedy and solve the political, economic, and social problems of our state and nation.  In order to achieve these objectives, we monitor the U.S. Congress, Nebraska State Legislature, and local governments and rate our elected officials according to their votes on fiscal, regulatory, and other legislation.

We educate and train our members to responsibly carry out projects in activities of their choice.  Our Taxpayer Watchdog activities include President Watch, Congress Watch, Legislative Watch, City/County Watch, Education Monitor I (public schools), Education Monitor II (state universities), and Telecommunications Watch.  Other activities are Gun Owners Rights and Illegal Immigration.

Over the years, NCF was affiliated with Citizens for Reagan and Citizens Against Government Waste.  Currently, we are affiliated with the National Taxpayers Union, Hands off the Internet, and National Association of Neighborhood Schools.

On January 1, 2000, we changed our organization name to Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, to better reflect our emphases and objectives.  We are not the usual rigid ideologues so many people associate with fiscal conservatism.  We are an easy-going, fun bunch of people.  You are always welcome to attend our meetings and activities and participate in our projects.


Our Mission Statement

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people"
- Samuel Adams

That is why Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom leads the charge in the State of Nebraska by educating its members about important local, state, and national political, economic, and social issues. NTF membership entitles one to borrow from our immense collection of research files, books, and video/audio lending library.

NTF members receive a periodic newsletter to keep them current on crucial issues and events. The great English conservative Edmund Burke warned that, "For evil to triumph, it is necessary only that good men do nothing." We teach our members how to lobby their public officials through letter-writing, phone calls, and personal meetings, write editorials to newspapers, call in to radio talk shows, follow legislation in the state legislature and U.S. Congress, monitor school board activities, protect gun owner rights, and stem illegal immigration.

Our Motto

" Freedom, not Socialism "



  • National Taxpayers Union : Founded in 1969 under section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code to lobby Congress with respect to fiscal and economic policy. NTU is a non-partisan, public interest advocacy organization dedicated to lower taxes, less wasteful spending, and the principles of rational and limited government.
  • The Tax Freedom Network: An informal network of urban and rural Nebraska taxpayer groups. The groups involved act on a non-partisan basis. There are no leaders, officers, dues, regularly-scheduled meetings, or formal agendas.

NTF Officers

Please see netaxpayers.org for current officers.