Whereas the Kyoto Protocol, the climate treaty negotiated under the auspices of the UN, would force the United States to make drastic reductions in its emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases,


Whereas the Kyoto Protocol cannot effectively stabilize the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, because it does not require many countries, including China, India, and Mexico to limit or reduce their emissions,


            Whereas carbon taxes and carbon emission trading programs among nations being discussed in the context of the Kyoto Protocol would result in significant increases in the cost of electricity, fuel, natural gas, and other energy prices paid by rural consumers, particularly Nebraska farmers and ranchers,


            Whereas studies, including one by the Dept. of Energy, show that implementation of the Kyoto Protocol will cost the average Nebraskan more than $1,300 annually and will cost over 1 million jobs, with damage to all sectors of our economy,


            Whereas the Kyoto Protocolís requirements would impede our national efforts to provide a sufficient and affordable energy supply for our growing economy,


                                                            Therefore, be it resolved:


That Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom stands with the Bush Administration in opposition to the Kyoto Protocol and urges the Administration and Congress to actively oppose this treaty in any form that would result in serious economic harm to the United States.


That Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom oppose the Kyoto Protocol or any such treaty that would mandate disproportionate levels of greenhouse gas reductions among nations.


That Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom urge the Administration and Congress to establish a national energy policy that ensures an independent, sufficient, and affordable energy supply for all Americans.