NTF Worksheet: legwatch4.doc.  12-06.




-- 2/3 majority Unicameral vote to pass all new state taxes or increase taxes or tax rates.

-- all revenue votes in Unicameral committees and on floor of the legislature as public, recorded, roll call


-- reconstitute the property valuation formula.

-- decrease state income tax rates.

-- no increase in the state sales tax.

-- no expansion of the state sales tax, e.g., on services.

-- move away from property, income, and sales taxes and towards a consumption tax.

-- repeal the state Earned Income Tax Credit.

-- no favoritism or skewed exemptions for either the urban or rural taxpayer.

-- record of how much revenue each new tax will raise annually.

-- plain explanation of why senators believe that we require a new tax and what its revenue would fund.

-- subsequent study to ascertain if a tax accomplished what it intended to accomplish, e.g., LB 1069 in 1990=

    only temporarily lowered property taxes and raised state income and sales taxes permanently.

-- list groups, lobbying interests, and state senators who propose new or expanded taxes.

-- for each proposed tax hike or shift, one public hearing at a time convenient to most citizens in each

    congressional district.  Public notice published in area newspapers at least twice during weeks prior to

    public hearings. 

-- income impact statement accompanying all proposed taxes, how each will affect individual/household

    at different income levels.

-- all taxing and rate authorities must provide easily accessible public records recording all votes on tax

    increases, tax decreases, and spending items.

-- budget increases no larger than increase in inflation rate.

-- require 0-based budgeting in all state departments and agencies.

-- document exactly how much taxpayer revenue each new spending bill will use annually.

-- no further infringement on our petition rights for redress of fiscal grievances.

-- restoration of initiative and referendum petition rights legislatively eroded over the last decades.


NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM will send a copy of this contract to each state senator.  Also, we will distribute this sheet at town hall meetings of NE state senators.  For additional information on the NTF Contract with Nebraska Taxpayers and our Legislative Watch Project, write to: NTF, P.O. Box 6452, Omaha, NE. 68106, or call (402) 551-0921.  This material copyrighted by Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, with express prior permission granted for its use by Citizens for Local Control, Cherry County Taxpayers, Dawes County Taxpayers,  and other groups in the Tax Freedom Network.   12-06.    C