Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom has monitored the local, state, and national test scores of students in the Omaha Public School District since 1999, correlating these test scores with the amount of tax revenue spent by the district on educating its students. 


Since 1999, expenditures have skyrocketed, consuming many more property tax dollars from district residents and state tax dollars from all Nebraskans.  During this period, OPS test scores mostly have remained static or dropped in relation to other state school district and national scores.  The OPS reaction is to throw more money at this embarrassing problem instead of altering its curriculum and cutting wasteful, inefficient spending. 


NTF has offered this school board several times our suggestions and ideas for both fiscal and curricular reform, but no school board member ever has accepted and used them, though many other school districts have used the same to enhance student test scores and improve curricular offerings. 


We predict that OPS test scores will continue to plummet along with its curriculum, driving more parents out of the school district, taking their children and property tax dollars with them.  More parents will take advantage of the option out process.  While the national No Child Left Behind initiative seeks to improve the educational learning process for our Nebraska children, the OPS continual refusal to reform its educational crisis situation sees “Many Children Left Behind.”


Ops55.doc.  12-06.