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                                                PRESIDENT WATCH
                                 A Project of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom

This project commits to fighting the unwarranted regulation, spending, and tax hike plans of President Barack Obama, which will hurt our economy, taxpayers, and families.  President Obama maintains that he will use his office to restore fiscal responsibility to the federal government.  However, his record as senator and candidate vividly illustrates that he intends to follow the socialist New Deal model that only led us into a deeper and more prolonged Depression.  His administration appointees mostly are fiscal and social leftists.  History demonstrates that tax increases on the wealthy and tax relief rollbacks only hurt an economy.  Higher taxes cripple economic incentives and stifle job creation.  Overspending similarly dries up productive private capital venture.  Overregulation hinders economic expansion.  President Watch offers an 8-point plan for President Obama to follow: 1) reform our tax code to reward people who create jobs and opportunities.  Fully index all taxes on savings and investment to stop taxing inflation and reduce the capital gains tax; 2) reduce the payroll tax rate, the heaviest burden on middle-class America, to return more money to our pockets; 3) increase the personal exemption for families and children to relieve the tax burden on overtaxed families; 4) establish enterprise zones in depressed urban and rural communities to spur investment, job creation, and economic growth; 5) pursue fiscally conservative approaches to cultural and social issues like poverty, education, and health care, that empower families rather than government bureaucracies; 6) eradicate the inheritance tax and marriage penalty; 7) launch market-opening Fair Trade agreements to increase U.S. exports and thus offer secure jobs and an expanding farm economy; and 8) advance economic freedom and republican capitalism around the world.  

Monitor presidential legislative initiatives and appointments.
Assemble President Watch materials from NTF newsletters, files, issue papers, and other sources.
Make notes to rebut anti-taxpayer initiatives, e.g., a gas tax, and to support taxpayer-friendly initiatives.    
Call in your opinions to local radio talk shows.
Write your opinions as guest editorials to local newspapers (ask for an NTF list).
          Use NTF "How to Write a Small Editorial" outline.
          Submit your editorial to our blog (, where you can view other opinions.
Plan a public debate between an NTFer and liberal regarding a controversial initiative and invite the media.
Lobby your representative and senators on presidential legislation.
           Write, call, fax, or email them.
           Organize a group visit to your local congressional office.
Volunteer for fiscally conservative presidential candidates.
Lobby the President
            Write to: The White House, Office of the President, Eisenhower Executive Office Bldg., Washington, D.C. 20500.
            Call the White House Comments Line: (202) 456-1414.
            Fax the Presidential Chief of Staff: (202) 456-2883.

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