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This page is dedicated to cutting the pork out of government budgets and suggesting reasonable spending cuts. Got an idea for state government to cut back? Send us your Prime Cut idea by clicking here.  Whereas our taxes have grown quite burdensome, the tax agents eateth out our sustenance thereof.

PRIME CUTS - Nebraska Public School Budgets. 

         PRIME CUTS State of Nebraska.

         State Budget Crisis FY 2008-09. 

State Budget Crisis FY 2007-08.

         2009 UNICAMERAL BUDGET CUT SUGGESTIONS.    http://www.netaxpayers.com/images/hot2.gif
NTF members have compiled a list of suggestions for state senators.

         Get a NebraskaTax Misery Index & NE Spending Misery Index at NTF meetings.


PRIME CUTS - Tax Cut Issue Papers and Worksheets


TAXPAYERS LAMENT.  Click here and weep!