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                                    TELECOMMUNICATIONS WATCHDOG

                                     A PROJECT OF NEBRASKA TAXPAYERS FOR FREEDOM




Nebraskans deserve to reap the benefits of deregulation and free market competition in our use of telecommunications services.  We must work to guarantee a competitive atmosphere in the telecommunications industry, fighting those who discourage competition.  Specifically, we must stand vigilant against high taxes and fees, federal and state regulation and muzzling, and privacy invasion.  We need to protect property rights and equal access, end telemarketing and Internet fraud, and encourage advancing technology in commerce.  We must cultivate a friendly business climate in this industry, or we will witness graduates of our university information technology programs leave our state and see telecommunications companies locate elsewhere.  Remember that Internet services, communications, and access to the public are not yet under liberal and government control, and we must protect this freedom.  In this project, we network with the Small Business Survival Committee, web site:



Stay alert to monopolistic and regulatory attacks on telecommunications in Nebraska as exposed in the

media and through our communications.

Use NTF materials to lobby your national representatives and senators on pertinent bills and resolutions       introduced in Congress.

Monitor their voting records.

Use NTF materials to lobby your state senators on pertinent bills and resolutions introduced in the Legislature.

            Monitor their voting records.

Use NTF materials to lobby the NE Public Service Commission on issues.

            Monitor their voting records.


Outrageous Nebraska Phone Taxes & Fees.

Outrageous Nebraska Cell Phone Taxes & Fees.